What Is Yo-Yo Cricket Test

what is yo-yo cricket test

IT’S OFFICIAL. every cricketer — not simply people who play the energy intensive shorter versions, however even test cricketers — can currently ought to have a basic level of aerobic endurance prescribed by the Indian team management.

According to BCCI CEO Rahul Johri, even though a cricketer happens to be injury-free and in form, failure to fulfill the necessary fitness parameters would lead to him creating way for a fitter player.

Johri Said that this set of players — who were a part of India’s limited overs series against Sri Lanka and those involved within the current home series against Australia — had all cleared the first of the management-approved parameters: the yo-yo test, the globally-recognised cardio drill for international athletes.

In the days to come, before the team for next month’s home test series against Sri Lanka is declared, those in competition for the longest format can visit the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru to test their lung power.

Understanding Yo-Yo Test

The yo-yo test needs players to pace themselves methodically — beginning with a modest jog to the eventual gut-busting sprint — as they shuttle back and forth between 2 rows of cones kept 20 metres apart.

Every run must be timed with the 3 beeps that are compete within the background. These are the signals for start, turn and finish.

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With the timing between the beeps constantly decreasing, each subsequent 40m circuit needs additional speed. obtaining beaten double by the beep means that the end of the test. the final score is decided by the laps completed and the speed gathered.

But Yo-Yo Test Is Not Only The Criteria To Test Cricketer’s Fitness, Cricket Is Skill Based Game There Is So Much Mental Stamina Required. Many Of Great Player Are Failed In This Test.

In The Starting, Indian Cricketer Have Been Acheive Basics Score But Later On Fitness Level Will Be Raised.

“On the yo-yo scale, the grade needed to be achieved is 16.1, which is the minimum standard set for an elite international sportsman.

The players have been informed of such parameters and most current players have already achieved this standard. In case of any exceptions, we’ve given them sufficient time to raise their fitness levels,” Johri Said To IE.

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Yo-Yo Test Introduced In 2012

Interestingly, the Indian team introduced the yo-yo to their fitness testing routine in 2012 throughout a tour to Sri Lanka. This meant that the likes of Rahul Dravid, V V S Laxman and Sourav Ganguly never had to endure these tests.

Though, the team management in 2009 did introduce beep tests the yo-yo is an improved version of that same drill — it absolutely was done more for the players to understand where they stood in terms of their aerobic fitness and how much they required to enhance.



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