Top 5 Fighting Incident In IPL History

top 5 fighting incident in ipl history

5.Munaf Patel Vs Amit Mishra, IPL 2011

Mumbai Indians bowler Munaf Patel got into a powerful quarrel with Deccan Chargers batsmen Amit Mishra once each the teams compete at Wankhede.

The last over of the match was the most highlight of the brawl. Munaf got hit for a six on the first ball of the last over. then on the third ball, he got smashed for a four on that he lost his cool and went all the way down to melee with Amit Mishra, the batsmen.

The 2 all over up in some verbal shouts. The fifth delivery saw the 2 players nearly throwing blows at one another. Munaf Patel threaten Amit Mishra to throw the ball towards him. The Umpires and Sachin Tendulkar Intrept, And The Matter Is Finally resolved.

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