Top 5 Fighting Incident In IPL History

top 5 fighting incident in ipl history

3. Virat Kohli vs Gautam Gambhir, IPL 2013

Kolkata Knight Rider’s skipper Gautam Gambhir and Royal Challenger’s Bangalore skipper Virat Kohli complete up during a verbal twin once the latter’s remark on the opponent’s team.

Each the players are aggressive in nature. The incident happened when Kohli got caught whereas attempting for a huge six. obtaining the wicket, KKR classified to celebrate.

Virat walked towards the group and created some very disparaging remarks. Gautam Gambhir spurted off in anger and walked towards Kohli to confront him.

That was an uncommon scene as a result of each of them are friends for a long time. afterward incident, the press got into action and also the controversy lasted for a long time.

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