Top 5 Fighting Incident In IPL History

top 5 fighting incident in ipl history

1. Harbhajan Singh vs S. Sreesanth, IPL 2008

The Harbhajan and Sreesanth spat is that the most widely discussed and also the oldest incident within the IPL history.

It’s also one among the incidents within the history of the game where the name of the game was contaminated. As reported, the Mumbai Indians spinner Harbhajan Singh during a widespread anger slapped the Kings XI Punjab pacer S.Sressanth. Sreesanth created some joyous statement at Harbhajan’s teams defeat and Harbhajan within the state of agony hit Sreesanth hard.

Although, there’s no such tape that show Harbhajan slapping Sreesanth however the only proof left was Sreesanth’s crying face that was displayed everywhere world. Later, the dispute got resolved by Harbhajan apologizing to Sreesanth.

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